With modern technology in our manufacturing plants, we are able to respond flexibly to customer requirements and guarantee the high technical standard of our products. Our computer-controlled CNC manufacturing equipment ensures high production efficiency and thus good price. These technologies also enable us to achieve a high technical level of products, so we do not have to limit our design and we can produce truly quality design products.


Quality is the cornerstone of our production. Production of P.O.P. displays or various components which must fit into larger assembly, has to be very precise. Thanks to our own control system, we are able to manage it to perfection.


Before the production itself, each product has to go through the development department where we produce the functional sample of the stand exactly according to the agreed design and we test whether the stand meets all the necessary parameters, such as load capacity, stability, durability, etc. After the final product testing, we can proceed to production.

Basic Materials

We use metal as a base material for the manufacture of displays, racks and other components. Metal has the advantages of high strength and durability while maintaining an excellent price / utility ratio. Surface treatment: electrostatic powder coating – komaxit according to RAL palette, zinc (galvanic and hot), chrome and polyethylene (plastic coating). We also produce from stainless steel.

From plastic materials, we mainly use PVC, acrylic and polycarbonate. We print on one or on both sides, or stick printed foils.

We also produce cardboard. This material is more suitable for short-term campaigns. Printing is also possible on one or both sides.

Wood and wood materials are also among our core materials. We mainly use plywood, solid wood, MDF boards and chipboard in various surface treatments and decorations. Here is also the option of color one-sided or double-sided printing.




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